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President Trump To Release Migrants Into Heavily Democratic South Florida Area

President Trump To Release Migrants Into Heavily Democratic South Florida Area

Officials in South Florida have been informed that the Trump Administration plans to release many migrants – perhaps hundreds – into their area each month.

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Broward County and Palm Beach County will have 1,000 new immigrants released into their populations each month. The number will be divided between the two counties. These areas are two of Florida’s Democratic strongholds.

State Sen. Gary Farmer of Broward County said of Trump’s plans:

“The blatant politics, sending them to the two most Democratic Counties in the state of Florida, is ridiculous. You can’t make this stuff up.”

Farmer also said that his area was not one of of so-called sanctuary cities, but because it is full of Democrats, it fits the bill for the areas Trump wants to overwhelm. Farmer said:

“That is so typically Trump. When the facts don’t fit the narrative, you slightly adjust the narrative.”

Broward County Mayor Mark Brogen called the plan “irresponsible.” He went on to say:

“To bring hundreds of people here every week without providing the necessary resources to house and feed them is inhumane.”

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Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said that Trump had “no plan” as to how to deal with this influx of people. He continued:

“No accommodations for transportation leaving [detention facilities]. No accommodations for shelter or a place to live. Just no real plan on what’s going to happen to these…people.”

This releasing of many migrants with nowhere for them to go is chaotic, but it is also a clear part of Trump’s plan. He has always criticized Democratic stances on immigration, so his solution seems to be to let the immigrants loose in cities that do not vote for him. The effects of all of this remains to be seen, but thus far local officials are less than thrilled.

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