President Trump Taped Using the N-Word According to New Allegations by Former Apprentice Contestant Omarosa

Over the course of the past two years, actor Tom Arnold has continued to allege that tapes exist of Donald Trump using racist language on the set of his TV show The Apprentice.  Arnold’s endeavor to find these almost mythical tapes will be aired on TV as part of a series he has recorded for VICELAND.  Until then, the continued debate over whether or not President Trump is racist against African Americans will endure, unless of course something else is revealed before then.

That something else might be Omarosa Manigault Newman — the former contestant on The Apprentice and former White House aide. She is now coming forward to corroborate some of these horrendous claims made by Arnold and others.

Omarosa, in her upcoming book Unhingedcites three unnamed sources claiming that Donald Trump, in the filming of The Apprentice, was caught on mic “multiple times” saying the “n-word”, according to The Guardian.

Omarosa doesn’t claim to have heard Trump use this racial slur herself, but knows of multiple people who have.  Trump has continuously insisted that he is not a “racist”, but if audio recordings do eventually come about showing that he did use the n-word to criticize African Americans, it would be hard for him to deny that label any longer.

Omarosa also claims to have heard President Trump use derogatory comments in speaking about Kellyanne Conway’s part-Filipino husband, George Conway.

The book Unhinged, by Omarosa, will hit shelved next Tuesday, August the 14th.

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