President Trump declares all negative polls to be ‘fake news’

President Donald Trump has declared that all negative polls against him and his administration are fake news.

Various polls recently showed that a majority of Americans are opposed to his travel ban. Refusing to believe those numbers, the President sent a tweet showing his disgust with “fake news” polls.

A CNN poll released over the weekend found 55% of Americans viewed Mr. Trump’s travel order as an attempt to keep Muslims out of the country.

Trump also lashed out against claims that Stephen Bannon is calling the shots in the White House — following plans laid out by the Alt-Right.

Bannon-in-charge storylines were featured this week on Saturday Night Live and in a Time magazine article where he was highlighted as the Grim Reaper.

Donald Trump has attempted to marginalize all news outlets that disagree with him — calling them liars and “fake news” outlets.

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