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President Trump Avoids Media By Falsely Claiming ‘Bad Weather’

President Trump Avoids Media By Falsely Claiming ‘Bad Weather’

We’ve become accustomed to Donald Trump spreading blatantly false lies and Thursday morning was no different. The President departed the White House for his trips to Iowa and Illinois and he refused to confront the press corps, citing “bad weather.”

During his typical trips to Air Force One the President boards his helicopter, Marine One. To reach the helicopter, the President crosses the White House lawn which allows reporters to shout questions at the President, questions he often attempts to answer or at least acknowledge.

On Thursday, the White House told reporters that the president would take a motorcade to Joint Base Andrews. The President’s aides said there was “bad weather” with “fog.” The White House then claimed there was a “weather advisory at Joint Base Andrews.”

It only took moments for reporters to show partly cloudy skies via several weather apps. They also took to Twitter to share photos of clear skies and posted a notice from the bases own website that declared it was “open for normal operations.”

Reporters had no problem calling Trump out on his “bad weather” claims.

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Trump has been increasing his attacks against White House reporters in recent weeks, including barring CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins because she asked President Trump questions he didn’t care to answer.

While Trump is ignoring his own press corps, it hasn’t slowed down his Twitter attacks. On Thursday morning the President went after Twitter for “shadow banning” prominent Republicans and conservatives.


It should be noted that Twitter has already responded to the practice of shadow banning accounts, noting that it was improving the machine learning platform that penalizes users.

Numerous account owners on the liberal side of Twitter have also complained about the social network’s practices, making it a truly bi-partisan issue which Trump failed to mention.

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