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President Obama Says He Can Explain Some Hispanic Support For Donald Trump

President Obama Says He Can Explain Some Hispanic Support For Donald Trump

Donald Trump has declared Hispanic people coming into this country to be rapists and drug dealers. His administration has locked Hispanic children in cages at the border. Liberals keep watching and asking, how can he still get such a significant portion of the Hispanic vote?

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Almost two years ago, Salon reported on Donald Trump’s boast of Hispanic support, noting that his tweet, below, left out the fact that most still said they’d vote against him.


Still, to see approval ratings so high, from a demographic the president has denigrated, who have faced such discrimination under his administration, can be startling. Geraldo Cadava, a history professor at Northwestern University, wrote about it for the Atlantic earlier this month, saying, “Latinos are not a uniform voting bloc. We are spread across the country and have wildly different backgrounds.” He noted certain subgroups of Hispanic voters that Trump courted, including, “Latino churchgoers [who] have deeply ingrained anti-abortion-rights beliefs, and…also responded to the administration’s support for religious charter schools and its general desire to blur the lines between religion and public life.”

This group of voters, too, was the focus of former President Barack Obama, speaking about demographics and voting blocs.

Obama said that for some Evangelical Hispanics, Trump’s racist comments and treatment of immigrants takes a backseat to the same issues that drive so many single-issue voters across a wide range of demographics: abortion and marriage equality.

It’s one more affirmation that ethnic background is only one demographic identity of a voter, and ideological views can be a stronger indicator of a voter’s political leanings.

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