President Is Reportedly Fearful that Don Jr. Broke the Law and May Find Himself in Legal Jeopardy

One of the names at the center of the Trump/Russia scandal, which continues to pop up, is the President’s eldest son Donald Trump Jr. Whether it’s the Trump Tower meeting in June 2016, or private messages back and forth with Wikileaks, Don Jr.’s name continues to pop up in regards to the current Mueller probe.

While the president has not said much in public about his son’s actions, it appears as if this is not at all the case in private. According to the Washington Post, a White House advisor, speaking on the condition of anonymity, has stated that President Trump has told friends and fellow advisors that he is fearful that his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., may have put himself in legal jeopardy. The president told confidants that he doesn’t believe that his son purposefully or knowingly broke any law, however he may have wandered into a legal mess.

While Donald Trump Jr. has yet to be interviewed by the Special Counsel’s office, many legal scholars do believe that he may have broken several laws in his drive to seemingly obtain damaging material on his father’s opponent Hillary Clinton, which had been stolen by a hostile foreign power.

As the investigation moves along, it will be interesting to note what reaction the president may have, if in fact it appears that Don Jr. may be a target or a subject of the Mueller Probe.

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