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President Fumes After FLOTUS’ TV Is Tuned To CNN – Melania Responds Via Spokesperson

President Fumes After FLOTUS’ TV Is Tuned To CNN – Melania Responds Via Spokesperson

A leaked email revealed that President Trump flew into a rage when he noticed First Lady Melania Trump’s TV on Air Force One was tuned into CNN, instead of Fox News.  Trump went after his staff for violating the rule that each trip is to begin with Fox News on each television within the aircraft.

The Eruption came after the President leveled an attack against the press at a Veterans of Foreign Wars convention. The email, which was an exchange between the White House Military Office and White House Communications Agency, was obtained by the New York Times and sent last Thursday.

The President apparently considers any news, other than Fox News, to be, “fake,” often attacking the media whenever the chance arises. This is especially true for CNN. During Trump’s recent press conference in the UK, he refused to answer a question from CNN’s Jim Acosta saying, “CNN is fake news. I don’t take questions from CNN.”

The President often takes his attacks on CNN to social media, often claiming that CNN is pushing false stories, such as Russian collusion.

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With that said,  First Lady Melania Trump doesn’t seem to feel the same way. Her spokeswoman commented to CNN that the First Lady will watch, “any channel she wants.” The comment is intriguing since the FLOTUS seldomly rebukes her husband in public.

Fox News is the only major network that the President appears to trust. The conservative network has often come to the defense of Trump when he is facing negative coverage of his policies from other outlets.  Some of the network’s hosts have defended Trump’s child separation policy and his recent tariffs.

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