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President Donald Trump Tweets Baseless Conspiracy Theory Claiming Barack Obama Had Seal Team 6 Killed

President Donald Trump Tweets Baseless Conspiracy Theory Claiming Barack Obama Had Seal Team 6 Killed

Donald Trump tweets fairly frequently, and sometimes he goes on retweeting sprees, sharing posts from others one after another. Sometimes, he gives the impression of having not actually fully read these posts, as he (presumably accidentally) retweets harsh criticism of himself, or posts from people who clearly strongly oppose him. He’s always quick to share anything that appears to support him, or insult or incriminate one of the politicians he sees as an enemy, regardless of whether any facts support it. On Tuesday, he retweeted a conspiracy-laden article that suggests Barack Obama was behind a plot to have Seal Team 6 murdered.

Donald Trump baselessly accuses Joe Biden
[Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images]

“Explosive!” the headline exclaims, before going on to claim that a CIA whistleblower has revealed secrets about Seal Team 6. The story identifies Allen Harrow Parrot as a whistleblower who is having a conversation with Charles Woods, whose son Tyrone died in Benghazi. Parrot makes some claims about Obama covering up letting Osama Bin Laden live, and hiding him, with a faux burial at sea as a cover-up. Pausing to check his ringing phone, Parrot goes on to accuse Joe Biden of sacrificing Seal Team 6, and claims that he has lots of evidence that he’d be happy to hand over to President Trump.

Without responding to the claims or the request, Donald Trump retweeted a post of this article, in which the poster editorialized to refer to “Hiden Biden” and beg for retweets.

Donald Trump retweets unsupported claims
[Screenshot via Donald Trump/Twitter]

It’s far from the first allegation Trump has leveled at the administration that preceded him, and the top two people in that administration, without any evidence whatsoever. However, as voters stand in line to decide who will be leading the country in a few short months, it’s perhaps one of the most egregious.

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Moreover, a claim that the former president and vice president — who could be the next president — actually intentionally caused the deaths of American warriors is close to an echo of an allegation that Trump himself keeps deflecting: that the Russian government put bounties on the heads of U.S. soldiers, and Donald Trump was informed and chose to neither disclose the information nor act on it.

The election is three weeks away, and the President of the United States is retweeting unverified, unfounded propaganda about his opponent, and his predecessor.

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