PragerU's Pervasive Presence: Co-founder Confesses to Classroom Conditioning as GOP Officials Grapple with Controversial Curriculum Clash.

The content originating from the far-right organization PragerU is making its way into an increasing number of public school classrooms within Republican-controlled states. One of the co-founders of PragerU openly acknowledges that the purpose of this content is to condition students into adopting conservative perspectives.

NBC News disclosed on Saturday that PragerU, known for producing both animated and live-action short-form videos promoting right-wing ideologies, has been discreetly lobbying education officials in states led by the GOP. The aim is to gain approval for the use of PragerU videos as part of the official school curriculum. Currently, classrooms in Florida, Montana, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Oklahoma are already incorporating PragerU videos, including those produced by PragerU Kids, specifically tailored for the student population.

Conservative radio host Dennis Prager, who co-founded the organization with screenwriter Allen Estrin, has previously admitted to engaging in the "mind-changing business." During a speech at a conference hosted by the far-right anti-LGBTQ group Moms for Liberty, Prager openly declared his mission to indoctrinate public school students, stating, “We bring doctrines to children. That is a very fair statement.” He praised PragerU's "old-fashioned approach" to education and questioned the perceived drawbacks of their indoctrination efforts.

Ironically, education officials in Republican-led states are utilizing the content that Prager openly labels as "indoctrination" in a campaign driven by ideological motives to combat what they perceive as "radical left wokeism." Oklahoma Superintendent of Public Instruction Ryan Walters acknowledged the impact of PragerU in challenging left-wing dominance in education during a ribbon-cutting ceremony in southern California. Walters, a former history teacher, admitted to incorporating PragerU videos in his classrooms.

Notably, PragerU Kids videos have faced criticism from educators for being misleading and false. Titles such as "How to be a Victor & Not a Victim" and "Mateo Backs the Blue" are part of the lineup. One video, "Leo & Layla Meet Christopher Columbus," features an animated Christopher Columbus telling time-traveling children that Indigenous people at the time were "far from peaceful," defending their enslavement, and dismissing the judgment of Columbus by modern standards as "estupido."