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Poway Shooting: Politicians & Celebrities Take Issue With Trump’s ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ Trope

Poway Shooting: Politicians & Celebrities Take Issue With Trump’s ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ Trope

As America mourns another mass shooting, the thoughts and prayers refrain rung throughout social media. President Donald Trump was among those using it, tweeting, “Thoughts and prayers to all of those affected by the shooting at the Synagogue in Poway, California.”

POWAY, CA – APRIL 27: Members of the media gather outside the Congregation Chabad synagogue on April 27, 2019 in Poway, California. A gunman opened fire at the synagogue on the last day of Passover leaving one person dead and three others injured. The suspect is in custody. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

As the number of mass shootings rise, however, the public is getting eager for some kind of action to take place. A number of Democratic politicians and celebrities claimed words are not enough.

California Congressman and Democratic nomination hopeful, Eric Swalwell, said, “Spare us your thoughts and prayers. It’s an alibi for inaction. You told the NRA yesterday you’d keep dangerous guns in the hands of dangerous people. We will take it from here with action.”

Texas Congressman, Joaquin Castro also took issue with the president’s words. He tweeted, “The time for thoughts and prayers has passed. Today’s violent attack at Chabad of Poway appears to be a brutal hate crime. Anti-semitism continues to rear its ugly head right here at home. These victims fall prey to gun violence for just exercising their right to worship.”

Actor Michael Rappaport was more blunt in his criticism of Trump. “Scumbag! Were there good people on both sides of this also,” he tweeted.”Your thoughts will never count. Can’t mix & match when you wanna be a decent person.”

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Actress Mia Farrow took issue with Trump’s inaction. She wrote, “So we just do nothing again? Wait until the next one? Again? And again? And again? – We need a leader who isn’t afraid of the NRA, who will take action to stop these shootings.”

Trump was seemingly unconcerned with the criticism. He again took to Twitter to congratulate the agent who apprehended the suspect. “Sincerest THANK YOU to our great Border Patrol Agent who stopped the shooter at the Synagogue in Poway, California,” he wrote. “He may have been off duty but his talents for Law Enforcement weren’t!”



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