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Post-Christmas Poll Finds Majority Of Americans Still Favor Impeaching Trump

Post-Christmas Poll Finds Majority Of Americans Still Favor Impeaching Trump

How do Americans feel about the issue of impeaching and removing President Donald Trump from office? If you listened to the president alone, you might think that support for the idea is dismal.

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In reality, more Americans than not support the Senate voting to remove Trump from his position of power.

Trump has been pushing the concept that Americans are against impeachment for several weeks now. On December 17, the day before he was officially impeached, Trump said that a number of polls showed that support was dropping “like a rock now that people are understanding better what this whole Democrat [sic] sham is all about!”


Trump has kept up the attacks against impeachment, and on December 22, made similar remarks. “[The Democrats’ impeachment] case is dead, their poll numbers are horrendous!” he wrote in a tweet on that day.


Data obtained one day after Christmas, however, shows Trump’s assertions aren’t true — a majority of Americans in one poll, in fact, are supportive of the Senate voting to indict the president.

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The Microsoft News Poll cultivates 1,500 responses from individuals at random daily, and extrapolates that information to fit with known demographic numbers across the country. Based on the poll conducted on Thursday morning, 54 percent of Americans support removing Trump through an impeachment trial, while just 40 percent oppose those efforts.

Even accounting for the poll’s margin of error, the majority support for Trump to be indicted holds true — at the lowest end of that margin of error for the poll, 51 percent support removing Trump, while at most 57 percent might support the idea.

Trump has been known to inflate poll numbers (or to make them up completely) in order to make himself look better. It appears he’s doing the same thing when it comes to impeachment, and Americans’ attitudes toward his removal.

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