Post-Cancellation, Lou Dobbs Calls Himself “Promoter Of False Election Fraud Claims” In Tweet

Lou Dobbs is cancelled — that is, Fox News has cancelled his show. He’s been sharing a lot of tweets from supporters (including the former president), and, oddly, one headline that seems to admit that the election fraud claims he promoted on his show were lies.

[Photo by Steven Ferdman/Getty Images]

Dobbs has shared a lot of tweets from various individuals who have expressed support for him and say that Fox was wrong to cancel his show — below, for example, see retweets of Drew Berquist’s tweet calling the firing a “grave mistake” and Sebastion Gorka’s post saying that Fox is “finished.”

Lou Dobbs Fox News cancel culture
[Screenshot via Lou Dobbs/Twitter]

He also shared Donald Trump’s reported response, thanking the former president for his words.

However, the perhaps most bizarre tweet was a simple direct sharing of a Washington Post report on his firing. The article’s title, and Dobbs’ tweet text, both describe the former Fox commentator as a “promoter of Trump’s false election fraud claims.”

Lou Dobbs mocks self
[Screenshot via Lou Dobbs/Twitter]

While court after court rejected these same election claims, for Dobbs to share a characterization of them as false, especially a characterization of himself as “promoting…false claims” stands out. Whether Dobbs shared the post among others without noticing he was criticizing himself, or shared it intentionally in order to show multiple viewpoints.

However, Twitter users were quick to jump on the unusual post as a self-own, admission of guilt, or evidence that Dobbs himself was not tweeting, and that in fact the person handling the account was someone with an agenda.

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