Portland Republicans Hired Proud Boys For Event Security

The Multnomah County (Oregon) Republican Party signed an agreement with a security service run by Proud Boy associate Daniel Tooze Sr. to patrol a May 6th meeting at a Northeast Portland church, according to documents shared with local free paper Willamette Week.

The agreement, signed May 6th by party secretary Sean Yates, vice chairman Alan Conner, and sergeant-at-arms Curt Schulz reads, “We are greatly pleased to discover you, and your extensive experience with church events, weddings, and various patriotic events.”

The letter continues: ”Dan, as we have discussed, our focus is on having a safe event with no problems. We appreciate that you are a proficient, private volunteer security group with vast experience in event security.”

Daniel Tooze, who lost a bid for the Oregon House of Representatives, has a long history of run-ins with local police at various protests around the state.

The agreement reflects the severity of street fighting between opposing political groups in Oregon. Trump supporters have repeatedly brawled on Portland streets with masked anti-fascists and other leftists. At least one confrontation broke out in the past week between a self-proclaimed Republican carrying a gun and armed leftists in the streets of North Portland during a protest march.

The Multnomah County GOP event was held May 6th at Portland City Blessing Church in the Montavilla neighborhood. The presence of the Proud Boys, who wear distinctive Fred Perry polo shirts, was first noted over the weekend on the social media site NextDoor, where a neighbor complained of Proud Boys displaying weapons and drinking in the street.

Facebook posts by Daniel Tooze over the past two years documented by leftist groups show he associates with the Proud Boys. It is not clear whether he is a formal member. Tooze confirmed that he’d provided security for the event, and said it was because the newspaper reported that the party had scheduled a May 6th meeting to recall Lloyd.

Tooze told Willamette Week: “A friend of the Republican Party asked if I would watch guard at the door for what they were worried about: your hit piece done on their meeting, because you guys are antifa, and they were worried about you guys and your antifa friends harassing their meeting. Have a nice day.”A precinct committee person for the county Republican Party who helped find the space and assisted with the recall petition told Willamette Week the event was a “recall meeting for the Republican Party of [the county] to recall our chairman” and that “the group was a volunteer security group from a gentleman from Oregon City. We have a signed document that they provide volunteer private security for churches, weddings, and patriotic events.”

“Antifa” simply means “anti-fascism”. The full profile is available here.


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