Portland Mom Arrested, Claims She Was Sexually Assaulted

As the Portland Protests continue into their eighth week, the efforts by Black Lives Matter protesters have been boosted by the presence of the Wall of Moms, aka “Momtifa” or “Portland Moms”. Now one of the Moms says she was groped during an arrest last night in Portland.

Jennifer Christiansen decided to take part in the protests for the first time last night. Dressed in full protective gear, Jennifer says she was part of a group of Moms who had gathered at the Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse and was ripped away from them by two unidentified federal officers. During her arrest, Christiansen claims, an officer groped her breast, as well as lifted the skirt she was wearing to grab her butt.

Kristiansen was taken into the federal building but was not told her charges or if she was under arrest. She was handcuffed behind her back and taken into an elevator, where she was pushed into a corner by a federal officer, she said. Four other officers in the elevator with her. One told her to “stop resisting,” and she said back, “I’m 100 pounds, I’m not resisting.” She said he then yelled at her, “Shut up.”

Portland had seen protest numbers decreasing over the last few weeks, but the crowds have grown exponentially since Donald Trump dispatched his federal officers there. Similar officers have been sent to Detroit, and Trump has threatened to do this to every major city with a Democratic Mayor.

While Jennifer Kristiansen was the only reported arrest from the Wall of Moms, four men were also taken into custody by federal agents last night.

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