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Popular GOP Governor Larry Hogan Rips Trump and the GOP

Popular GOP Governor Larry Hogan Rips Trump and the GOP

Maryland Governor, Larry Hogan, stands as a model of what politicians on both sides of the aisle hope to achieve. Despite being a Republican in a largely blue state, Hogan maintains an impressive 69% approval rating.

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With that kind of popularity, some within his party have looked to the Governor as a potential presidential candidate. During a speaking engagement in New Hampshire, Hogan said he wasn’t ready to make a decision on a 2020 run. He did, however, take a shot at Donald Trump and the current state of the Republican Party.

Hogan was asked about the RNC’s decision to throw all of their support behind Trump. He replied:

“I was pretty critical of that. You know, and not that the Republican National Committee doesn’t have the right to support the sitting president, but to change the rules and to insist 100 percent loyalty to the Dear Leader, it just didn’t sound very much like the Republican Party that I grew up in, working for Ronald Reagan and supporting George Bush. It was a very shortsighted, and wrong move for the Republican National Committee.”

The governor was also critical of Republicans in the House and Senate who don’t speak out against Trump. He told the crowd, “There’s no profiles in courage here. They’re afraid of being primaried. They’re afraid of being tweeted about and very few of us are willing to say what we really think.”

While Hogan did refer to a challenge to Trump as a “suicide mission”, he noted that he has until November to decide.

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