Pope Francis Refused to Meet With Mike Pompeo Because he Didn’t Want the Meeting Politicized to Help Trump

Mike Pompeo has been Donald Trump’s Secretary of State since April of 2018. In that time he’s repeatedly been criticized for putting the interests of Donald Trump ahead of the interests of the country. Since COVID-19, he has regularly referred to the disease as the Chinese Virus.

Photo by ALBERTO PIZZOLI/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

In his role, Pompeo often comes into contact with other world leaders. The Secretary of State, a Catholic, recently hoped to meet with Pope Francis at the Vatican.The Pope turned down the visit. His reasoning? Pope Francis assumed that pictures from the event would be used to help Donald Trump.

This idea was recently confirmed by Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher. The Archbishop told Italian news agency, Ansa, “Yes, that (the politicizing of the event) is precisely why the pope will not meet American secretary of state Mike Pompeo.”

This event helps to crystallize the frequent criticism that Pompeo is campaigning for Trump rather than doing his job. Donald Sherman from the watchdog agency CREW, said of the Secretary of State:

“Pompeo’s politicking, especially in his official capacity, undermines his ability to represent the United States across the world. He’s either America’s chief diplomat or he’s a political crony for one political party.”

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