Pompous Mike Pompeo Kicks Off Twitter Self-Promotion Campaign

It’s pretty well understood that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo thinks he should be president and that he’s been angling for a run at the job in 2024. Apparently to that end he kicked off the new year with a series of self-aggrandizing tweets from his official government State Department account in which he promised to “give the American people the full story about our foreign policy.”

He followed up by making the highly disputable claim that the United States, presumably because of his absolute genius, is “so much safer today than four years ago.” Recall that on his watch North Korea went about its business of building nuclear weapons and gigantic missiles that could deliver them on American soil, China has dramatically increased its influence around the globe and Russia went unchallenged when it put bounties on the heads of U.S. military personnel.

Pompeo continued throughout the day, posting pictures of him with various members of the Trump administration with the caption “Big challenges. Great team. Securing Americans’ freedom.” And just in case anyone didn’t get his point that he thinks he’s a badass he strangely included the the hashtag #Swagger.

This tweet, however, takes the prize for most disingenuous. Pompeo writes that America is a “force for good” and “a shining city on a hill” that recognizes “God-given rights.” The photo he included with it implies that red, white and blue clad Americans are working the world over to protect children, except in this country where the administration he so loyally served put children in cages.

The problem is the image has nothing to do with anything the U.S. diplomatic corps has done. The picture was taken in Lesbos, Greece, by an Associated Press photographer after a September fire destroyed the Moria camp that was sheltering refugees and migrants from Afghanistan. It shows a barefoot young girl rocking a two-month old baby to sleep in a makeshift swing affixed to the crumbling walls of an abandoned building.

Pompeo’s pompous promotional push generated a slew of reactions on Twitter, including this one:

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