Pompeo Blasted by Actress/Writers for Using Lisa Simpson Clip to Criticize Pelosi

Last night’s State of the Union Address features two viral moments between the President and the Speaker of the House. As Donald Trump entered the room, he refused to shake Nancy Pelosi’s hand. After Trump finished his remarks, Pelosi tore up a copy of his speech that was given to her.

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for iHeartMedia

Conservatives largely ignored Trump’s snub and focused on Pelosi’s moment. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted out a GIF from the Simpsons to mock the Speaker. The tweet backfired on Pompeo as he misinterpreted the story behind the GIF and was summarily blasted by Simpson’s actor Yeardley Smith and writer Bill Oakley.

New Jersey lawmaker Bill Pascrell Jr. tweeted, “In this episode Lisa loses her faith in democracy after seeing a corrupt politician selling out American values and liberty. Like your boss. Yeardley Smith can probably explain better than I can. Nice self-own though.”

Smith, who has voiced the character of Lisa since the beginning of the show responded, “That’s pretty good! I might just add f*ck you Mike Pompeo for co-opting my character to troll Nancy Pelosi.Be a leader and fight you own fight! Oh, wait I forgot, you’re a follower.”

The actress was not the only member of the Simpsons’ creative team to chime in on the matter. Writer Bill Oakley took to Twitter to opine, “Mr. Secretary of State please do not ever ever ever use Simpsons material in your twitter or watch the show or refer to it in any way.”

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