POLL: Two-Thirds Of Americans Want To Vote By Mail This Year

With the disruption of American life, and, indeed, global life as we know it due to COVID-19, it is easy to forget that it is an election year. Or, perhaps, that fact, depending on one’s opinion of how the pandemic is being handled, is a bright beacon of hope in a very dark time.

Dwight Burdette/Wikimedia

Either way, we have to vote in November.

That comes with problems due to the outrageously contagious nature of coronavirus. Considering that at least seven people became infected during Wisconsin’s foolishly forced in-person election, the electorate is right to be afraid of standing in line and interacting with people just to exercise their right to vote.

Therefore, the following news should come as no surprise.

A new poll is out that has two-thirds of Americans supporting mail-in voting this November. The poll was conducted by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal.

Evermore stunning is that 58 percent of the people who took the poll support permanently changing things to a vote-by-mail system. Twenty-nine percent oppose voting by mail, this November or otherwise. Nine percent of people said it should only be allowed this November due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Voting by mail makes sense in this era of social distancing. That is the only thing that is saving us from even more people getting sick and dying.

Further, if people aren’t willing to risk their lives to vote, it could have an enormous impact on the outcome of any election. In fact, one could argue that forced in-person voting is actually a form of voter suppression, especially for the elderly and the immunocompromised.

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