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Poll: To A Majority Of Americans, Donald Trump Is A Racist

Poll: To A Majority Of Americans, Donald Trump Is A Racist

A new poll released on Monday demonstrates that a majority of Americans believe President Donald Trump is a racist.

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Trump has faced backlash in recent weeks due to his rhetorical attacks against four congresswomen of color, telling them they should “go back” to their countries of origin and fix problems there before making complaints about his administration or issues within the United States. The phrase is a well-known racist trope used for over two centuries in the United States, and the fact that three of the four women Trump was targeting were born in the U.S. lends credence to the claim that it was a racist statement.

Trump also faced criticisms for his attacks against House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Elijah Cummings. The president derided Cummings, stating he was responsible for living conditions in Baltimore that Trump described as a “disgusting rat and rodent infested mess.” Many viewed those comments as racist because the district Cummings represents is a majority black-area.

Trump claimed on Tuesday that African Americans have supported his statements by sending emails, writing letters, and calling into the White House itself to demonstrate their support of his comments, previous reporting from HillReporter.com pointed out. However, neither Trump nor the White House has provided proof of that contention.

Prior to Trump’s Tuesday comments, on Monday a poll conducted by Quinnipiac University found that most Americans view Trump as a racist. According to the poll, 51 percent say as much, while 45 percent say the president is not a racist.

Among Trump’s base of support, however, he’s not viewed as racist. Whites in general are similarly split, though in the opposite direction. Fifty percent of white voters say Trump isn’t a racist, while 46 percent say he is.

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White voters with a college degree are more aligned to the overall national trend, with 54 percent saying he’s acting as a racist does, while 39 percent say he’s not.

Among black voters, whom Trump has claimed support his recent comments on Baltimore and Rep. Cummings, a whopping 80 percent say the president is racist. Hispanic respondents in the poll similarly said Trump was racist, although the rate at which they agreed was lower, with 55 percent saying they believe he is one.

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