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Poll: Record Low Express Being ‘Proud’ To Be An American

Poll: Record Low Express Being ‘Proud’ To Be An American

There’s still a high number of people who say they’re proud to be American citizens, according to a recent poll. But the number has reached a new all-time low, due primarily to people’s attitudes on political, health care, and welfare systems.

Gallup, which has conducted the measurement since 2001, found that 70 percent of Americans consider themselves “proud” to be from this country. Yet the number who said they were “extremely proud” was less than 50 percent.

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Just 45 percent said as much, the first year ever that the number of people who showed extreme pride in the U.S. was under the halfway mark.

What’s driving the lower numbers? Some of it is partisan, and some of it is lack of faith in government institutions.

Only 22 percent of Democrats expressed being “extremely proud” of America, an outcome that’s likely due to the presidency of Donald Trump (the number of “extremely proud” Democrats was twice as high before he was elected).

The lowering trend wasn’t noticeable among just Democrats, however. Forty-one percent of independents, too, said they had “extreme pride” in America, the lowest number ever recorded by the poll for that group as well. Indeed, the last time a majority of independents expressed overall “extreme pride” for the country was in 2015, the year before the last presidential election.

But it’s not just politics. Gallup asked the question about other institutions in American life, and found that Americans overall gave poorer marks to some of those as well. On American health and welfare systems, only 37 percent of the citizenry expressed pride, while just 32 percent said they were proud of the American political system as well.

Still, there were some issues in which Americans did express pride. American scientific achievements (91 percent), the U.S. military (89 percent), and American culture/arts (85 percent), all had high “pride” ratings.

Separate polling suggests that Americans overall are not happy with the state of the country, particularly when it comes to who’s running it. While two-thirds of Americans say the economy is in good shape right now, a significantly smaller portion, 47 percent, approve of Trump’s handling of the issue, according to an AP-NORC poll released earlier this week.

Only 38 percent of Americans rated Trump with a positive approval rating in his job performance overall, a significantly low number for any president who has enjoyed prosperous times during their tenure. A similar number gave him poor marks when it came to his handling of taxes and trade negotiations, the poll found.

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