Poll Of Battleground States Finds Voters Split Over Trump’s Response To Coronavirus Crisis

Swing state voters across the nation are uneasy about the current coronavirus crisis that has shut down much of the nation’s schools and many private businesses, but for the most part,

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people in these states are split over their opinions on President Donald Trump’s response.


Only 24 percent of voters say the crisis doesn’t concern them at all, while 32 percent say they have minor concerns, according to a CNBC/Change Research poll. Meanwhile, 42 percent say they have very serious or somewhat serious concerns about the disease’s spread.

The poll examined voters’ attitudes across six swing states: Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. It was conducted from March 9 to 11.

Americans in these states say they’ve started taking actions to address COVID-19’s spread across the country. Sixty-four percent have started to avoid large crowds, for example, and more than 9-in-10 say they’ve stepped up their hand-washing routines. Thirty-six percent say they’ve started storing food, and 29 percent have canceled or delayed travel plans. One-in-seven have started working from home.

With regards to governments’ roles in responding to coronavirus, 62 percent gave local and state governments positive reviews, while only 49 percent said the federal government had responded positively.

Voters are split when it comes to Trump’s job so far. Only 48 percent say he’s done an excellent or good job, while 52 percent say his response has been fair or poor.

Polling from across the nation gives Trump similar, if not lower, ratings for his response to coronavirus. An ABC News/Ipsos poll published over the weekend, for example, found that 43 percent of Americans viewed Trump’s work during the crisis in a positive way, while 54 percent said they disapproved of his job performance so far, with regard to the disease’s spread.

Trump has faced backlash over a number of issues, including the lack in testing for the disease as well as his rosy outlook on the situation, suggesting a couple of weeks ago, for example, that cases would be down to zero when doctors and health experts said many, many more cases could be expected across the country.

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