Poll: Most of Jacksonville Wants No Part of the Republican National Convention

If the 2020 election is a close one, Florida will likely be an incredibly important. The state was critically important for Donald Trump in 2016 and holds a race swinging 29 electoral votes.

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COVID-19 cases are also surging in the area. On Tuesday, Florida became the 7th state to record over 100,000 coronavirus cases. Despite this Governor Ron DeSantis offered up the city of Jacksonville to host the Republican National Convention. A recent survey, however, showed that a high number of Jacksonvillians want no part of the RNC.

The study, conducted by the University of North Florida, has 58% of people against the idea with 42% supporting it. While most Republicans supported the measure, only around 10% of Democrats were in favor.

More importantly, 66% of those who identified as Independents were against having Jacksonville host the event.

Independents will be crucially important during 2020’s Florida race. And Jacksonville, a huge city, will be up for grabs this November.

While the area has long been a Republican stronghold, Donald Trump only won Duval County by 1.4% in 2016. The last Democrat to win in Duval was Barack Obama back in 2008.

Michael Binder, the head of UNF’s Public Opinion Research Lab, wrote:

National nominating conventions are polarizing events, and unsurprisingly the levels of support for Jacksonville hosting the RNC varies dramatically by partisanship. Under the backdrop of a global pandemic that appears to have come more fervently to Florida, the opposition to this event being hosted locally seems much more concerning.”

See the full poll results here

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