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Poll: Most Disapprove Of Way Trump Handled Himself After Recent Mass Shootings

Poll: Most Disapprove Of Way Trump Handled Himself After Recent Mass Shootings

The American people don’t think that President Donald Trump is handling himself very well in the wake of two recent mass shootings.

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A shooter in El Paso, Texas, shot and killed 22 individuals earlier this month, injuring dozens more. A separate incident occurred less than 24 hours later, in Dayton, Ohio, where another shooter killed nine individuals, also injuring dozens.

Days after the attacks occurred, Trump traveled to the two communities to help console the victims of the attacks. Yet for many, Trump’s visits were lacking in empathy, as he could be seen smiling and giving thumbs up gestures to cameras in pictures with first responders and hospital staff.

At one point, Trump was caught on camera phone video bragging about crowd sizes at his rallies during his visit to one of the hospitals, CNN reported.

Following his trips to El Paso and Dayton, the American people apparently took notice, and gave Trump bad marks for his efforts.

Trump Told Press That Hospital Visit Wasn’t A Photo Op — Then Produced A Promotional Video About It

In a Fox News poll on the issue, only 37 percent approved of the way Trump responded to the mass shootings. A majority of American citizens, 52 percent, say they disapproved of his response.

Most Americans also feel less safe as a result of Trump’s action — or rather, inaction thus far — to mass shootings. Fifteen percent in the poll said that having Trump as president makes them feel safer in the wake of these mass shootings, while 46 percent said that they feel less safe with Trump in the White House on the issue.

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Voters are also pessimistic that any action will come about on the issue. While 71 percent say the federal government could take action that would stave off gun violence and mass shootings, only 18 percent actually believe Congress will pass any such laws.

The poll found monumental support for gun background checks on every gun sale, including requiring them on private or gun show purchases, with 9-in-10 saying they favor such legislation. Another 67 percent said they favor banning assault rifles and semi-automatic weapons — a measure that Trump previously said there was “no political appetite” for, according to reporting from Politico.

The poll also asked respondents to say how much they agreed that certain issues or individuals were responsible for the latest round of mass shootings. Seventy-eight percent blamed too easy access to guns, while 68 percent said the rise of white nationalism in public spheres was to blame.

Another 56 percent faulted Trump’s vitriolic rhetoric toward lawmakers, immigrants, and others for the rise in violence.

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