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Poll: Majority Say Trump Should Be Impeached And Removed, 7-In-10 View Ukraine Conversation As Wrong

Poll: Majority Say Trump Should Be Impeached And Removed, 7-In-10 View Ukraine Conversation As Wrong

A new poll shows that even if President Donald Trump survives a political impeachment attempt by Democrats, a huge slice of the American electorate are deeming his actions being highlighted in the inquiry as being wrong.

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An ABC News/Ipsos poll, conducted over the past week and released on Monday, found that 51 percent of Americans want the president impeached and removed from office. Six percent want him impeached, but not removed, while 13 percent say his actions were wrong but not impeachable.

That total adds up to 70 percent of Americans who find Trump’s actions wrong, with varying levels of opinion regarding whether they were impeachable or not. Meanwhile, just a quarter of the electorate — 25 percent — say Trump did nothing wrong at all.

Most Americans have been paying close attention to the impeachment inquiry, with 58 percent saying so. A large chunk of the population, however, totaling 42 percent of those who responded in the poll, say they have not paid close attention to the proceedings.

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The impeachment inquiry has mostly centered upon a phone conversation between Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky that took place on July 25. During that call, a whistleblower has alleged, Trump seemingly requested Zelensky to start investigations in his own country that would benefit Trump in a big way for his 2020 presidential re-election campaign.

Trump withheld the possibility of a public meeting between himself and Zelensky, as well as the promise of military aid to Kyiv, in order to persuade the Ukraine president to agree to start the investigations, a number of current and former National Security Council and State Department aides have since said to impeachment investigators. Democrats have shifted their messaging over the past few days, away from initially describing Trump’s behavior as a quid pro quo, now calling it an act of bribery.

More public testimonies are set to take place this week, which could result in altering the number of people upset with Trump’s method to start investigations on political opponents in foreign nations.

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