Poll: GOP Voters Cite Don Jr. and Ivanka as Two of Their Top 2024 Candidates

Donald Trump is pretty much locked in as the Republicans 2020 candidate. He did face a small challenge from Bill Weld, Joe Walsh and Mark Sanford, but those challengers were never really given a shot to compete against the President in a primary.

Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Despite his frequent comments about serving longer than 8 years, it is very unlikely that Trump will be the GOP’s 2024 candidate. That doesn’t mean that another Trump won’t be. In a recent poll conducted by Survey Monkey, Republican voters cited Don Jr. and Ivanka Trump as two of their top four 2024 contenders.

The exact question asked was, “Which, if any, of the following Republicans would you consider voting for in the 2024 general presidential election?” The four top candidates in the poll were Mike Pence, Donald Trump Jr., Nikki Haley and Ivanka Trump.

The Vice President came in at 40%, Don Jr. stood at 29%, Haley was at 26% and 15% for Ivanka Trump.

Despite no political experience, Donald Trump Jr. is a wildly popular figure in the Trump orbit. According to Axios, “Don Jr. has emerged as one of the most prominent defenders of his dad, frequently going after the left on Twitter, where he has 4.2 million followers and serving as a popular warm-up act for presidential rallies.”

Ivanka Trump has slightly more experience than her older brother and is currently serving as an adviser to their father. Axios says of the first daughter, “Ivanka Trump often represents the president on the world stage, including championing his Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative. She danced with women entrepreneurs in Paraguay, held hands with women farmers in Morocco, and often visits American workplaces, including a Walmart store and a Toyota plant.”

The entire poll can be seen here


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