Poll Created by GOP Senate Candidate Chris McDaniel Backfires Tremendously

Twitter is a very useful platform, not only for politicians to communicate with their constituents, but also for generating responses to controversial issues.  Twitter allows for individuals to poll their followers as well as other Twitter users from around the world on any topic they choose.

This is exactly what Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Chris McDaniel did Thursday afternoon.  McDaniel once tweeted that “Robert E. Lee was the most decorated soldier in the U.S. Army,” and that Lee was “a man of unimpeachable integrity.”

While many people in Mississippi surely agree with this thought, McDaniel decided to ask Twitter users about how they view Robert E. Lee.  In doing so, McDaniel posted a poll asking the question, “In light of all the political correctness and leftist hysteria, I’m curious about what you think: How should Robert E. Lee be remembered?”

Undoubtedly McDaniel was hoping that the poll would show that more people view Lee as a hero rather than a villain, given his previous comments which praised the former commander of the Confederate States Army.  As you can see in the poll below, however, this certainly was not the case.

At the time of this article, an astounding 91% of participants said that Robert E. Lee was a “Villain”, while just 9% believe he was a “Hero”.

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