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Poll: Americans Aren’t On-board With Trump’s Plans To End Social Distancing

Poll: Americans Aren’t On-board With Trump’s Plans To End Social Distancing

While President Donald Trump is clamoring to end stay-in-place orders in order to reopen the nation’s economy, a vast majority of Americans are hoping social distancing measures remain in place to stop the spread of COVID-19, even if it causes financial pain for the country for a little while longer.

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According to a Politico/Morning Consult poll released this week, only 1-in-10 voters say social distancing should come to a stop at this point in order to help get the economy on track, even if it means more Americans get sick. Conversely, 81 percent of voters say that those measures should stay in place, even if it results in further damage to the nation’s economy.

Given the choice between the two priorities, three-quarters of Americans (75 percent) believe it’s the government’s responsibility to address the spread of the virus, while only 17 percent think priority should be given to managing the economy, according to the poll.

Americans also want precautions taken before the return of workers happens, including 76 percent who want returning employees to test negative for the disease before they come back, 60 percent who want an antibody test conducted to see if they’ve been exposed to the disease, and three-quarters of Americans who want face masks worn if people do end up going back to work.

The views of the American people tend to match those of health experts, who across the board are saying more time must be dedicated to social distancing in order to slow the spread of coronavirus.

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That contrasts with the view of the president, who in recent days has said he’s the authoritative decider when it comes to when the country should reopen or not.

“Our country has to get open, and it will get open, and it’ll get open safely and hopefully quickly — some areas quicker than other areas,” Trump has suggested at a recent press briefing on the matter.

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