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Police Find 5 Fetuses In Home Of Anti-Abortion Activist

Police Find 5 Fetuses In Home Of Anti-Abortion Activist

Just yesterday, Lauren Handy was in the news as she was named in an indictment for being part of a blockade, preventing patients from accessing an abortion clinic. Now she may be connected to another crime, as police say they removed 5 fetuses from her home.

[Matty Ring, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons]

Lauren Handy was one of 9 co-defendants named in an indictment yesterday, for an incident two years ago in which she and others allegedly forcibly entered an abortion clinic and used furniture, chains and ropes, and their own bodies to form a blockade, preventing patients from entering, NBC reports. For this, defendants could face as much as 11 years in prison, and $350k in fines.

Handy in particular took a major role in planning, by setting up a fake appointment for an abortion in order to get herself and her confederates inside, reports say.

However, her story only gets stranger and more horrifying, as the Independent reports that a raid of her home later that afternoon revealed multiple fetuses.

WUSA9 reporter Nathan Baca says he asked Handy what the homicide detectives found in her home, and she refused to say, only answering that people could be expected to “freak out” when the news broke.

Sure enough, the reports now say that the biohazard bags and coolers detectives could be seen removing from her home on Wednesday afternoon contained fetuses, which have been turned over to the Chief Medical Examiner for further investigation.

Even before the discovery of the fetuses, one Planned Parenthood volunteer escort tweeted that Handy’s behavior rises to the level of terrorism, and decried that the activist is still allowed to access clinic property and harass patients.

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