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Pocahontas Redux: Trump Says He’ll Bring Back Offensive Nickname

Pocahontas Redux: Trump Says He’ll Bring Back Offensive Nickname

Donald Trump has a habit of giving nicknames to his political opponents. Hillary Clinton was “Crooked Hillary”, Ted Cruz was “Lying Ted” and Joe Biden is “Sleepy Joe.” Trump also typically refers to Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas.” Native American leaders have said that they find the nickname to be offensive.

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With Elizabeth Warren having some positive recent poll results, she has again drawn the attention of the President. During tonight’s rally in New Hampshire, Trump pledged to bring the nickname back if Warren continues to surge.

Trump told the audience at his campaign rally, “I did the Pocahontas thing. I hit her really hard and it looked like she was down and out but that was too long ago.”

It is not necessarily known how Trump “took Warren down.” The nickname was largely a response to Warren’s criticism of Trump as a candidate. In her most recent election for Massachusetts Senate in 2018, she won by 24%.

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The President continued by promising, “But don’t worry, we will revive it. It can be revived. It will be revived and it can be revived very easily and very quickly and we’re going to have some fun in the state of New Hampshire.”

While the race for the Democratic nomination is crowded, Warren has continued to post impressive poll numbers. In a recent poll of likely Iowa caucus voters, the Massachusetts Senator held an 11% lead over her next closest competitors, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. If those numbers are accurate, Warren may have a leg up over her competition.

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