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Plurality Of Swing State Voters View Economic Conditions Under Trump As Reason To Replace Him — Poll

Plurality Of Swing State Voters View Economic Conditions Under Trump As Reason To Replace Him — Poll

There’s less than one year to go until Election Day 2020, and many pundits are already trying to figure out how to court voters in the all-important swing states. According to a new poll, President Donald Trump faces an uphill battle on an issue that is typically seen as a strength for him: the economy.

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Voters across the nation have generally given Trump positive reviews when it comes to his handling of the economy — an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll last month, for example, found that 53 percent of Americans approved of the way the president managed the issue.

But a poll released by the Democratic-leaning organization Priorities USA found that not to be the case in the four swing states of Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Trump won all four states in 2016 against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton by very slim margins. Across each of those states, among more than 22 million voters, Trump defeated Clinton by less than 200,000 votes, according to the New York Times — a difference of less than 1 percent between the two candidates.

These four states represent 75 Electoral College votes, and if flipped could mean Democrats would defeat Trump in the 2020 presidential election. The numbers from the Priorities USA poll shows that’s a real possibility.

Trump’s favorability ratings across all four states are down, the poll found. In fact, 57 percent find him unfavorable in Wisconsin, while 55 percent of Pennsylvanians find him disfavorable, too. Fifty-seven percent of Michigan residents find Trump disfavorable, and 55 percent of Floridians feel the same way.

On the issue of the economy, where Trump is doing well across the country overall, voters in these states disagree, although the results are still pretty narrow. Only 41 percent view Trump’s handling of the economy as reason to re-elect him, while 44 percent say his job performance on the subject is reason to vote for someone else (16 percent said the issue won’t affect their vote one way or another).

A plurality of voters in three of the four states say that Trump has hurt the economy more than he’s helped it. And a majority of voters across all four states say their income has fallen behind the cost of living since Trump has taken office.

On other issues, the poll found trouble for Trump as well. When it comes to health care, immigration, tax policy, and corruption in office, a plurality of these swing state voters said they would prefer voting for someone else rather than re-electing the incumbent president.

If these numbers hold true until next fall, it could spell disaster for Trump on the campaign trail. He’ll need these four states to win re-election. Without them, his path to victory is very slim, if not impossible.

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