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Playing With Fire: Fox’s Napolitano Thinks Trump’s SCOTUS Push Could Hurt him Politically

Playing With Fire: Fox’s Napolitano Thinks Trump’s SCOTUS Push Could Hurt him Politically

Donald Trump’s flailing campaign got a boost last weekend with the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. If anything else, the ability to nominate a supreme court justice will distract from Trump’s COVID and economic failures.

Andrew Napolitano (Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)

The president, though, tends to always look after his best interest and not necessarily the best interests of the Republican party. Legal Expert Andrew Napolitano said the Trump could be playing with fire and could seriously hurt the reelection chances of vulnerable Republican senators.

The analyst made the comments during an appearance on Fox radio. He predicted that Republicans up for re-election will, “do what they think is right to get themselves reelected… and that might not be what President Trump wants.”

Napolitano continued, “So Mitch McConnell better count noses before he does anything. He’s already lost two Republicans. He can only afford to lose one more. If he loses two more, his nomination isn’t going to come to the floor.”

The legal analyst closed:

“This will be a World War III of political battles, and it will be right in the middle of a presidential election. And it’ll all be aimed at those six vulnerable Republicans, one of whom is going to be front and center. Senator Lindsey Graham himself is running behind in his reelection bid in South Carolina. And if this nomination comes to pass, he’ll be presiding over a few days of Senate Judiciary Committee hearings. And one of the Democrats on that committee is running for vice president with Joe Biden, Senator Kamala Harris. So we are in for some exciting, depressing — however you want to look at it — times.”

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Listen to a clip of the interview below, courtesy of Fox:

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