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Pirro: People Are Saying Merry Christmas Again Thanks to the Trumps

Pirro: People Are Saying Merry Christmas Again Thanks to the Trumps

Conservatives have long bashed Democrats for what they perceive as their war against religion and traditional values. According to the President, Liberals even become upset when people talk about Thanksgiving.

Jeanine Pirro, though, awarded Republicans a recent victory in the ongoing culture war. The Fox News host claimed that thanks to the Trumps, people are saying Merry Christmas again.

The former judge made the comments while interviewing Eric and Lara Trump. She fawningly told the couple, “(The Trump Family) has done wonderful things for this country. We now don’t have the political correctness we used to. People are actually saying ‘Merry Christmas.’”

While the Merry Christmas war is something commonly talked by conservatives, much of the electorate are not buying it as an issue.

A Quinnipiac poll conducted in 2017 showed that only 19% of people feel that this is a real issue. On the contrary, 76% of people felt that the controversy was manufactured for political purposes.

This wasn’t the only news that the Fox News made over the weekend. Pirro also went on an extended rant claiming that Trump has been vindicated throughout the impeachment process and the recent Department of Justice report.

She said on Twitter, “It was everything we said it was and everything they said it wasn’t. We now have confirmation, corroboration that the deep state exists. It worked to spy on and frame a presidential candidate.“





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