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Piers Morgan Says Video Proves Trump Stormed Off As Claimed, Despite Denials

Piers Morgan Says Video Proves Trump Stormed Off As Claimed, Despite Denials

Piers Morgan obtained an interview with Donald Trump for his new tv program, and if you believe the longtime broadcaster, Trump grew angry and stormed off the set. Trump and his allies deny this. What’s the truth?

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A promo released for the new interview, which will air on Morgan’s new show Monday and Tuesday, appears to show Trump getting very angry, calling Morgan a fool, and storming off the set. There has been an implication read into this release, the assumption that Trump cut the interview short and left instead of answering questions.

Some things are undeniably shown in the clip, such as Trump’s clear frustration as Morgan refuses to concede that the election was “stolen” and presses him to admit that he lost. He can absolutely be seen walking away, apparently upset.

However, Trump released a bootlegged recording from the interview, showcasing only the last several minutes of the interview that he says went more than an hour over the planned 20 minutes, as evidence that he actually did complete the interview, even answering multiple queries all posed as “one last question.”

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In a statement, Trump described Morgan’s promo as “rigging and redoing my words,” and said that while he doesn’t consider Morgan “a complete slimeball,” but that the video clip “cost him credibility.”

What’s the truth? Morgan has responded, saying, Mediaite reports, that both claims are true: yes, Trump did finish the interview, and yes, he also did storm off the set.

“I didn’t claim it was some ferocious, screaming, storming off. I just said that actually, right at the end, he got up, barked ‘turn the cameras off,’ and called me dishonest and walked away.”

He says that the entire thing, including Trump grumbling, “So dishonest! So dishonest!” as he walks away, is all on film.

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