Piers Morgan Says He Doesn't Respect Trump's U-Turn on Abortion

For many years now, Piers Morgan has been a prominent British broadcaster who tends to take a Conservative view of things. He is also a friend of Donald Trump, having won the first celebrity version of The Apprentice back in 2008. 

Since Trump entered the political scene, Morgan has provided him with sycophantic coverage and interviews. However, a recent move by the former President made the British commenter angry enough to take a shot at him during an episode of Real Time with Bill Maher

Morgan was discussing Trump's recent flip-flop on abortion with Maher. While Trump wants credit for Roe vs. Wade being repealed, he also knows that the issue could cause him to lose the 2024 election. So instead, he says he is leaving the decision up to the states. 

Referring to his U.K. friends, Morgan said he tells them, "Don't come to America and start talking about guns and abortion. I do respect people who completely disagree. I can respect the other side."

Turning to the former President, the journalist continued, "The thing I don't respect quite so much with Trump is he does a complete U-turn on this. He did it in 2016 to get the evangelicals with them, and now I think he thinks he's got them."

Morgan closed his thoughts by saying, "I don't support what he's doing but I do understand the political reasons he's doing it, and it could be quite effective in neutralizing what could be a banana skin for the party."