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Photos of Robert Mueller and James Comey ‘Hugging and Kissing’ Can Not be Found

Photos of Robert Mueller and James Comey ‘Hugging and Kissing’ Can Not be Found

Among President Donald Trump’s most outrageous claims is that he has “100 pictures” that show special counsel Robert Mueller and former FBI Director James Comey “hugging and kissing each other.”

Photo Credit: FBI

During an interview with the Trump-friendly Daily Caller, the President said the pictures, which he hasn’t produced, show exactly how biased and generally unfair the Mueller probe has been since the very beginning.

“I consider it to be an illegal investigation,” Trump told the publication when talking about the special counsel investigation.

“It should’ve never been allowed to have happened,” Trump added before claiming that Comey was Mueller’s “best friend.”

Since Donald Trump has made his ridiculous claim not a single photo of Comey and Mueller laying it on thick have surfaced. Even the President, who claimed to have “100 pictures” has not revealed a single piece of photographic evidence.

Buzzfeed took the investigation a step further, filing an FOIA request with the FBI to determine if such photos exist inside of the agency.


James Comey even chimed in with a funny jab aimed at President Trump.

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The ball’s in your court President Trump, produce the photos or apologize for yet blatant lie that once again attacks the U.S. Intelligence community.

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