Phony ‘Prophetess’ Says Joe Biden and Donald Trump Are ‘Dueling Presidents’

Right-wing “prophetess” Amanda Grace declared on Monday that the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump either proves that Joe Biden is not the president, or that the United States has two “dueling presidents.”

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Speaking with Eric Metaxas on The Eric Metaxas Radio Show, Grace claimed to have predicted that the 2020 election would be crazy:

Passover of 2020, I prophesied the word of the Lord. And in that word, the Lord said, ‘you are about to see a baffling set of events leading up to this election, and this election will be more baffling than the last. Okay? So the Lord did say that. He also – this is from the words the Lord has given me – this is what I’m gathering. There has been a delay for a reason. It’s not over, and it’s far from over with what the Lord is going to do with President Trump, what the Lord is going to do to the wicked of this nation, including the media.

God will punish the wicked, Grace proclaimed, in a modern version of Purim:

You know, I prophesied from the Lord in October about the media suffering the biggest crisis they ever had in 2021 for their crimes, so I’m watching for that to unfold. I think we’re going to see a Purim-like event. Purim is at the end of this month which is from the book of Esther where the Lord does a divine reversal and God’s people are sent for destruction, and the Lord operates through Esther and Mordechai in order to help save the people of God from destruction and from the hand of Haman. And so basically, this is a year – if we thought we saw exposure last year – this is a year of even more exposure. And there’s been a delay because I believe God is trying to get people’s eyes on him above the office of president. He wants all eyes on him right now for the demonstration he’s going to put on. Just like when the Jews were at the Red Sea, and they’re there, and Egypt’s at their back, and it’s all eyes on God because either the Lord is going to do this, or it’s not going to happen. And when they thought there was a dead-end, God saw a path through that water. So, God’s ways are much higher when he sees how to make a path when people don’t think there is a way.

Confused, Metaxas asked for some clarification:

So you’re of the opinion that what has been happening in this country is not our future, that this is a detour, and that God is going to deal with this. Now, in the natural, nobody can really imagine how it would be possible for Trump to re-enter office, but you and some others have said that essentially this is what God has said to you?

Grace drops her “dueling presidents” theory:

Yes it’s interesting because the Lord has never said to me he is not going to serve a second term, which is interesting because sometimes it’s what the Lord doesn’t say is as important as what he says. And he never said to me, ‘President Trump is not going to serve a second term.’ However, I do believe, because I prophesied this last night from the Lord, a surprise is coming with this impeachment because you can’t impeach a citizen. So something is very interesting here going on because they’re trying to impeach a citizen right now if he really is a citizen. You can only impeach a sitting president, so this is like we have dueling presidents right now. This is what it is: dueling presidents.

Further befuddled, Metaxas was not buying it:

How can we have dueling presidents if the Electoral College and the Congress ratified the Electoral College, and that Biden is the president however he got there, and I have reason to believe he didn’t get there in the right way. But how can we have dueling presidents if Trump is out of office? Are you suggesting on some level that he is still the president? I’m not clear.

Grace insisted that trying a former president is unconstitutional, and therefore, if Trump is facing trial, he must still be the president:

Well, what I’m saying is, people’s actions speak louder than their words, and if these wicked people right now in Congress – who the Lord is going to deal severely with, by the way – they’re trying to impeach – you can only impeach a president. If he is really a citizen right now, how are you impeaching him? You can’t impeach a regular citizen. It’s not possible, not according to the law, not according to the Constitution. So their action – sometimes the actions of the wicked will give them away – are pointing that something is not quite kosher going on with who’s the president.

Watch below, courtesy of RightWingWatch:

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