Philly Sheriff Rips Buffalo Cops Who Resigned After Officers Were Disciplined

Over the last week, a number of videos have come out which feature police officers brutalizing protesters. One of the most viral of these videos is one where Buffalo cops pushed down a 75 year-old man. The two officers that pushed the man are being investigated for their actions.

Via Youtube Screenshot

In retaliation for his disciplinary action, 57 more cops resigned from their spots on the city’s emergency response team. When asked about the resignations, Philadelphia Sheriff Rochelle Bilal said that these are the kind of officers that good cops want off the street.

Bilal made the comments while appearing on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show. She told the host, “That’s the great divide. It has been in our culture and its institution for such a long time. As far as those officers, those fifty resigning out of protest, I would say that, “Bye, Felicia,” because they SHOULD go.”

The Sheriff continued:

“Because if they didn’t see anything wrong with that, then they shouldn’t have been on the force from the beginning. We are not run by a gestapo group of people in our communities. We cannot have that type of behavior. This has been going on for decades. So at this point now we should be fighting for those who want to be on this job to treat people fairly, and for those who don’t, say bye. Get them out of here, because those of us who want to do this job right want them gone anyway.”

You can watch a video of the officer’s comments below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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