Phil Robertson Says He’s Tried Several Times To Bring Donald Trump To Jesus

In a new interview, Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson speaks on evil in government, and says he’s talked to Donald Trump several times about accepting Jesus. The reality star is releasing a new book about religion and politics, and he spoke about voting out “evildoers” and his quest to support the “Godliest” candidates.

Phil Robertson keeps trying to bring Donald Trump to Jesus
[Photo credit NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images]

Phil Robertson made it clear, in an interview reported by Christian Post, that he stands against much of the public political activity he sees. He listed a variety of activist actions and social stances that he sees as evil, and some of them might be surprising.

Get rid of Trump as president. Arm the people, get rid of law enforcement. Get rid of all historical monuments.

‘Arming the people’ stands out here — Robertson has spoken before about needing “sin control, not gun control,” as reported by The Wrap in 2013, and his public persona is built around hunting. However, the rest seems right in line, and Robertson goes on to decry Marxism, anarchy, and lawlessness, among others.

However, though he seems to still support Trump, he doesn’t seem fully convinced that the president is as Godly as he might prefer. He describes trying multiple times to get Trump to accept Jesus.

I’ve had three sessions with Donald Trump. All three times, this was at the center of it. I told him about Jesus. I told him about the resurrection, God removing his sin. I said, “Trump, you do have sins, don’t you?” He said, “Oh, yeah.” I said, “So does everybody else, dude. We’re all going into a six-foot hole, or cremated or whatever. What then? Jesus will give you life and immortality, guaranteed.”

He goes on to describe leaving his notes with Trump, and in their next conversation, pleading again with the president to “put it in [his] heart.”

Robertson’s book is called Jesus Politics: How to Win Back the Soul of America. However, his story of battling to win over the soul of Donald J. Trump, U.S. President, for Jesus, brings to mind an anecdote from another recently published book. In Michael Cohen’s Disloyal, the president’s former personal attorney and ‘fixer’ tells of other evangelicals who came to pray over Trump — and Trump’s subsequent mockery of their beliefs. He described Trump as saying, “Can you believe that bulls**t? Can you believe people believe that bulls**t?”

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