Peter Thiel Explains Why He Was Wrong About Donald Trump

In order to successfully run for President, a candidate needs some significant financial backers. Peter Thiel, one of the most renowned businesspeople in Silicon Valley was that for Donald Trump in 2016. 

Thiel said that he thought his support for an outsider candidate could get the country back moving in the 'right direction.' But during a recent interview with The Atlantic, he talked about how he didn't feel like he was paid back for his support. 

"There are a lot of things I got wrong," Thiel said to Barton Gellman. "It was crazier than I thought. It was more dangerous than I thought. They couldn’t get the most basic pieces of the government to work. So that was—I think that part was maybe worse than even my low expectations."

The financier also noted that Trump did not react well when he told him he wouldn't be supporting Republican candidates in the next cycle. "There’s always a chance I might change my mind. But by talking to you, it makes it hard for me to change my mind. My husband doesn’t want me to give them any more money, and he’s right. I know they’re going to be pestering me like crazy. And by talking to you, it’s going to lock me out of the cycle for 2024."

You can read the full interview here