Peter Navarro Openly Defies Doctors’ Opinions on Hydroxychloroquine During CNN Interview

Peter Navarro, an economist and top adviser to Donald Trump who is also the Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, as well as the national Defense Production Act policy coordinator, appeared on CNN Monday morning to once again push the Trump Administration’s hydroxychloroquine agenda. Navarro is now a top coronavirus task force official overseeing the administration’s domestic manufacturing group and implementation of the Defense Production Act, which gives the president broad power to control industries during emergencies.

Navarro not only doubled down on his mistrust of Dr. Anthony Fauci, he said he doesn’t trust doctors at all.

“I take all doctors’ opinions with a grain of salt,” Navarro told Jim Sciutto, undercutting advice from Admiral Brett Giroir, Trump’s Coronavirus Testing Czar. Navarro aggressively argued against Giroir’s statement that
“The evidence just does not show Hydroxychloroquine is effective right now.”


Navarro has a long history of combative arguments in defense of Trump and his policies. A recent bout with CNN’s John Berman, where Navarro insisted on referring to COVID-19 as the “China Virus”, resulted in the interview being cut short. which leads to the question of why Navarro continues to be asked to guest on the network if he only presents misleading information.

Today’s appearance was just the latest in a series of attempts from Trump surrogates to turn their base against Dr. Fauci and mislead them regarding the use of hydroxychloroquine. While it does have genuine curative uses for those with autoimmune diseases, it has not been authorized by the FDA or the CDC as a treatment for COVID19. Trump’s small stake in the drug is just one reason for the push, but his recommendations have resulted in an influx of new prescriptions that carry extreme side effects, including sudden death.



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