Peter Navarro Has Put China On Notice: “A Bill Has Come Due For China”

The heat between China And the United States was turned up a few degrees on Monday by White House aid Peter Navarro.  Navarro threatened China with payback over their role in spreading the coronavirus.  “A bill has to come due for China,” Navarro told CNBC.  “It’s not a question of punishing them, it’s a question of holding China accountable, the Chinese Communist Party accountable,” he went on to say. This should come as no surprise since Navarro has been very hawkish on China from the beginning.

Peter Navarro is the head of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy. That puts him on the frontlines of the trade war President Trump is having with the Middle Kingdom. China and the US reached a “Phase 1” deal on trade this year. Navarro was silent as to whether he would like Trump to place more tariffs on China.  Navarro added, “They inflicted tremendous damage on the world which is still ongoing. We’re up to close to $10 trillion we’ve had to appropriate to fight this battle.”


China has been the focus of blame for the Trump administration. Trump has gone on record to say the virus was a Chinese “mistake.” On Friday Trump exclaimed that he is “very torn” as to whether he should stay in the phase 1 agreement. Trump told Fox News,  “I’m very — I’m very torn as to — I have not decided yet if you want to know the truth. “Scientists and intelligence professionals have been clear that the coronavirus came from natural origins. China has pushed back against claims that it came from a lab.


We will have to see what Navarro advises Trump to do with China. This feud between the two wealthiest economies will not be over anytime soon.

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