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Peter Doocy Sets Himself Up for a Psaki-Bomb Over Dubious Claim About Pregnant Migrants

Peter Doocy Sets Himself Up for a Psaki-Bomb Over Dubious Claim About Pregnant Migrants

Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy walked face-first into a drubbing by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Thursday when he suggested that women migrants who are trying to cross into the United States from Mexico pose a security risk because they are pretending to be pregnant.

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“You say the border’s not open but we’re being told by our people on the ground that you’re releasing pretty much all family units, couples where the woman says that she is pregnant, or single women who say that they are pregnant and that no one has to actually take a pregnancy test unless they want to, so…” said Doocy, who offered no specifics and was promptly cut off by Psaki.

“Are you suggesting that you don’t believe when women say they’re pregnant? Is that a big issue? We think at the border?” she rebutted.

“I am not in charge of keeping the border secure. You guys are,” Doocy snapped back.

“Do you think pregnant women are posing a big threat to the border? To the border communities — is that a big issue?” Psaki reiterated.

“You tell me,” said Doocy.

“I’m not aware of pregnant women being a big issue of concern to people at the border,” said Psaki. “What I will note for you, Peter, is that, as I said earlier, there is a process. If people cannot be expelled under Title 42 for a range of reasons, some of that is that countries they came from or other countries, including Mexico, may not be accepting families with children under the age of seven. They are placed in removal proceedings. Those removal proceedings require them to either go to a detention facility or require them to go get a notice to appear and including their biometric data and otherwise so that we can ensure where they are and we can ensure we know when they’re gonna come back. So that’s what the process is. If there’s a big outrage about pregnant women, I’m not tracking it.”

Defeated, Doocy tried and failed to change the subject.

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“The issue is not about pregnant women. The issue is, is the border open or is the border closed? Because my understanding is that a lot of this is happening on this side of the border,” he said.

Psaki refused to take the bait.

“I think you know the answer to that question and I just conveyed clearly that we are implementing our border restrictions, including Title 42, including making clear that people who are coming through irregular migration that this is not the time to come and they will be placed in removal proceedings,” she said.

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