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Pete Buttigieg Takes Blame for Officer Involved Shooting

Pete Buttigieg Takes Blame for Officer Involved Shooting

When Pete Buttigieg entered the race for the Democratic nomination, he was not a well-known figure nationally. The South Bend Mayor had an incredibly successful to his campaign, though, and he is now a legitimate contender for the nomination.

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His campaign came to an abrupt halt when a South Bend police officer shot Eric Logan earlier this month. The officer involved, Ryan O’Neill is white while Logan was black. Buttigieg has returned ;to his home city and attempted to aid in the response. During the Democratic debates last night, Buttigieg took responsibility for incident.

When asked about the shooting, the South Ben Mayor responded, “I couldn’t get it done. My community is in anguish right now because of an officer shooting… It’s a mess, and we’re hurting.”

Buttigieg continued his response, ““I could walk you through all of the things that we have done as a community, all of the steps that we took, from bias training to deescalation, but it didn’t save the life of Eric Logan. When I look into his mother’s eyes, I have to face the fact, and nothing that I say will bring him back.”

Eric Swalwell, a California Congressman who was also participating in the debates took the opportunity to attack Buttigieg for not tacking action against the Chief of Police. “But you’re the mayor, you should fire the chief,” Swalwell said. “If that’s the policy and someone died.”

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The South Bend Mayor was not able to respond to Swalwell. The investigation into the incident is currently ongoing.


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