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Pete Buttigieg Slow-Walks Republicans About the Importance of Running Water

Pete Buttigieg Slow-Walks Republicans About the Importance of Running Water

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg painstakingly articulated the importance of access to running water in response to Republican opposition to President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure proposal during an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on Sunday.


Specifically, Buttigieg refuted statements uttered by conservatives that demonstrate a profound ignorance about what “infrastructure” means.

“There’s a lot more than roads and bridges that are part of infrastructure. I heard the governor of South Dakota recently saying, ‘This isn’t infrastructure – it’s got money for pipes,’” Buttigieg said on This Week. “Well, we believe that pipes are infrastructure, because you need water to live, and too many families now live with the threat of lead poisoning. That’s absolutely infrastructure.”

Continuing on, Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, explained that expanding access to high-speed internet is an essential element of modernizing American interconnectivity.

“I know that traditionally, the internet wasn’t considered infrastructure because in the Eisenhower years, of course, it didn’t exist. But infrastructure investment has to include looking to the future,” rather than relying on outdated policies from the past, said Buttigieg.

“Railroads seemed futuristic, and then we actually built them. Now they’re considered traditional infrastructure. You can say the same about highways,” Buttigieg continued, adding that charging stations for electric vehicles are “a core part of what Americans are going to need to get around in the future. And not the distant, far-off future, but right now.”

Buttigieg later said that “we’re determined to make sure that ‘infrastructure week’ is no longer a punchline around Washington.”

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