Perry: Texans Should Suffer Through Blackouts to Keep Feds Out Of Power Market

The state of Texas is currently suffering through a historic winter storm, but former Texas governor Rick Perry suggests that going days without power is a sacrifice Texans should be willing to make if it means keeping federal regulators out of the state’s power grid. Perry, who was Donald Trump’s Energy Secretary, blamed the rolling blackouts on the rise of wind and solar energy in Texas.

Run by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, or ERCOT, the grid occupies a unique distinction in the United States in that it does not cross state lines and thus is not under the oversight of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Photo by Thierry Monasse/Getty Images

That system has fallen under scrutiny in recent days as millions of Texans are left without power following days of severely frigid temperatures that are uncommon for that region. Following a nearly identical storm almost a decade ago, federal regulators warned Texas it needed to take steps to better insulate its power plants. But in a blog posted on House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s website, Perry is quoted responding to the claim that “those watching on the left may see the situation in Texas as an opportunity to expand their top-down, radical proposals.”

Perry’s argument has been made by numerous conservatives in the midst of the blackouts, but it doesn’t track with early reports which indicated that the majority of the lost generation was natural gas plants and not wind turbines, which actually performed better than grid regulators had anticipated.

At least 10 people in Texas have died in weather-related incidents since Sunday.

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