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#PerjuryTaylorGreene Trends After Congresswoman “Can’t Recall” On Witness Stand

#PerjuryTaylorGreene Trends After Congresswoman “Can’t Recall” On Witness Stand

Marjorie Taylor Greene took the witness stand on Friday as expected. Her testimony, however, left a lot to be desired, as she answered question after question by saying that she didn’t know, or couldn’t remember, various details of the plotting that took place to subvert the 2020 election results.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – APRIL 22: U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks during a court hearing on April 22, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. U.S. Rep. Greene is appearing at the hearing in a challenge filed by voters who say she shouldn’t be allowed to seek reelection because she helped facilitate the attack on the Capitol that disrupted the certification of Joe Biden’s presidential victory. (Photo by John Bazemore-Pool/Getty Images)

On the stand, Greene started out with denials. However, as Deadstate reports, this took her quickly into perjury territory, as she denied saying that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was a “traitor.” After getting her denial on the record, attorney Andrew Celli produced a video of Greene shouting that Pelosi is “a traitor to our country, she’s guilty of treason…it’s a crime punishable by death.”


With that behind her, Greene settled firmly into a pattern of denying knowledge or memory, instead of denying factual allegations directly.

You can see a mashup of some of these memory lapses below.

One of Greene’s memory gaps surfaced when she was asked about discussions with then-president Donald Trump about the possibility of imposing martial law in order to take control of the election process and change the outcome.

It seems like the sort of thing one could deny easily, but Greene says she doesn’t remember if she ever discussed it with Trump.

She also denied not wanting Joe Biden’s win to be certified.

This and other statements that are false or perceived to be so, have hit Twitter and resulted in the trending political topic: #PerjuryTaylorGreene.

Video clips that seem to contradict her testimony are being shared, combined into mashups, and promoted with the hashtag.

She’s being widely called out for being unable to remember relevant details, after months of claiming that President Biden is suffering from dementia.

And of course there are memes.

A former federal prosecutor even weighed in, explaining that while perjury is difficult to prove when a witness claims not to remember, continuing to press forward with this type of lawsuit is an important step in holding legislators who participated in the insurrection attempt accountable.

Greene, who has no problem with name-calling, as evidenced by her labeling Biden “President Butter Beans,” has not responded to the publicity of her new hashtag.

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