Penn Jillette Warns Of Danger Greater Than Trump; Says Biden Should Issue Pardon

Renowned magician, actor, and skeptic Penn Jillette appeared on Michael Cohen’s podcast Friday to discuss Donald Trump, the Apprentice tapes, and what should happen after Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Penn JIllette talks Donald Trump
[Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images]

You can hear the full episode here, but highlights include Jillette’s explanation about why Trump didn’t do more damage in office, what we have to fear in the future, and what Biden should do about Federal prosecution of the 45th President of the UNited States.

First, be warned that if you’re listening to hear Jillette bear witness to the alleged tapes of Trump using a certain racial slur, you’ll be disappointed. Jillette says he doesn’t have a specific memory of Trump using the n-word — but he also reiterates that nobody should require that. It shouldn’t, he says, require a witness to Trump using a specific racial slur to prove that he has a history of racism.

However, he does share some of his own memories from the Celebrity Apprentice years, including Don Jr. trashing his father for bad business sense and failures.

He also expresses what will surely be an unpopular opinion for Cohen’s audience — and that Cohen disagrees with vocally. He says that instead of having Trump prosecuted Federally, Joe Biden should issue a pardon.

Biden should pardon [Trump] completely for all Federal crimes. I don’t think we want to go through the kind of trial we would have to go through for Trump. I don’t think we wanna see that. I don’t think it brings any good.

Trump’s desire to pardon himself and his family has already been a subject of controversy — for Biden to offer Trump a pardon would certainly be bizarre. However, Jillette points out that Trump would still face state charges, and that it would put Biden outside the process.

He also suggests that the greater concern is a need to reduce presidential power so that someone as shameless as Trump, but more intelligent, can’t take advantage in the future.

The only saving grace we have in Donald Trump is he’s not that smart. He just does not have that much processing power. We’ve known for a long time that a complete lack of shame is incredibly powerful. A lack of shame coupled with intelligence would be I think fatal to our country.

He emphasizes that Trump’s efforts to delegitimize the election don’t even involve any actual trickery, just repeated lies.

There is no cleverness…there’s no intelligence, there’s no cleverness, there’s no plot, there’s no heist, there’s no brains, there’s nothing but raw f***ing ugly lying from Trump.

It should be noted that Cohen argued against the idea of Trump being pardoned, saying that the president should have to stand before a judge and take responsibility for his actions, and Jillette admits that he holds his view from a position of privilege — he calls it ‘luxury.’ He says that if he’d faced the kind of consequences of supporting Trump that Cohen has, he might feel the same.

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