Pence Roasted After Claiming WH has “Created” 9M New Jobs in Last 3 Months

The United States is facing its worst unemployment crisis in decades. More than 10 million Americans remain out of work and many of those jobs will not be coming back. Small businesses around the country have closed their their doors forever.

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The White House, however, has continued to paint a rosy picture about the crisis. Mike Pence went as far as claiming the administration has “created” 9 million jobs over the last 3 months. The Vice President was summarily roasted online for the ridiculous claim.

Pence said during a campaign speech in Arizona, “We’ve created more jobs in the last 3 months than Joe Biden and Barack Obama created in their 8 years in office.”

Of course, many of those “new” jobs were just people returning to work as businesses slowly reopened. Many more Americans are working from home at reduced pay.

Author David Frum responded to Pence’s claim, “In the same way, Germany and Japan built a lot of new housing after their cites were flattened in World War II.”

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy also blasted the Vice President, tweeting:

“Yes. If you intentionally mismanage a preventable pandemic so that 150,000 humans needlessly die and a sixth of the population lose their jobs in the resulting nightmarish economic meltdown, you can in fact create a cataclysm so hellish that there becomes nowhere to go but up.”
As wild as Pence’s jobs statement is, it is not even factually correct. The US has added close to 9 million jobs since May. Over 8 years, the Obama administration added a new total of 11.6 million new jobs.


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