Pence Negative for COVID19, Will Debate Harris Next Week

After the announcement came that both Donald and Melania Trump had tested positive for COVID19, the questions started making the rounds almost immediately once Mike Pence confirmed both he and his wife, Karen, were both negative for the virus: will Pence be assuming Trump’s duties, or will he quarantine? Will the Vice Presidential Debate be rescheduled? What happens to the campaign?

One of those questions was answered late Friday afternoon after the Debates Commission announced that the two Vice Presidential candidates will indeed meet in person on stage in Salt Lake City as planned. The news was confirmed by The Hill after both Pence and Harris announced Friday morning that they had tested negative for COVID-19.

The University of Utah, which will host the debate, told The Hill that it will mandate that every person wears a mask inside the security perimeter “at all times” during the debate except for Pence, Harris, and the debate’s moderator, Susan Page of USA Today.

With Trump not only positive for COVID19, but also moving to Walter Reed hospital late Friday, Pence’s role is now even more tenuous going into the weekend. No announcement regarding the debate or the campaign had been announced.

This is a developing story, please check back for updatesĀ 

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